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About us

We at Roelof Rabe Architects just don't like saying no. We are always looking to expand, broaden and explore. As a result of our constantly being enthused to take on new projects, our existing portfolio is vast, comprising of office, commercial and industrial architecture.

Our success is based on innovative design excellence, efficiency and meeting our clients' needs. We aim to do this on both a personal and professional level and apply our diverse team to this wholeheartedly. Providing transformational work for both the commercial and individual sector is our cornerstone. We are big enough to take on Billion Rand construction cost projects and agile enough to enjoy smaller and more challenging projects.


How we work

Roelof Rabe Architects prides itself in a methodology that rings true with the vision for our company. We do not merely design for the end product, but savour the journey there. We believe that good design cannot stem from shallow thinking and broad sweeping, but rather depth, research, testing, and most importantly, time.

The process is organic in its origins: inspired by the client and their needs, we take to paper and pencil first. We deliberately avoid electronic media in this phase. Hand sketches ensure our thoughts being made visible, a better understanding of the spaces we design, a closer relationship with the concept, and create a basis to work from that has come naturally.

Some of our concepts are tested by the building of mass models which further promotes our hands-on approach.

Finally, when our designs are processed into digital formats, we are certain that we have met our client's needs, but also that we have been true to ourselves.

Our Quality Management System

It is the ambition of Roelof Rabe Argitekte to provide services and products of the highest quality possible. By achieving this, we shall enhance our clients' satisfaction by meeting their requirements. The purpose of this Quality Management System (QMS) is not only to ensure that our work is done at a very high level, but to continuously improve our efficiency as a firm.

Our QMS is process-based. Every department in our office, involved in the process of compiling any document or drawing, has to comply to this system.

At the end of every Work Stage our work is tested in terms of the client's brief and any statutory legislation and any possible deviations will be captured in the Work Stage Report.

All our documents and drawings must, in general, comply to the following criteria:

  • All documents, drawings and information must be legally correct.
  • Any instruction or designs must be technically executable.
  • Our designs must be aesthetically pleasing.
  • All our documents and drawings must be graphically composed.

Before officially issuing documents and drawings in PDF format on the file sharing system, it is reviewed by means of a four tier system.

No Quality Management System can replace good design. Good design is, in fact, the true signature of any architects practice. It is therefore extremely important for Roelof Rabe Argitekte to achieve and maintain a high level of design quality in all aspects of design. Our designs are always reviewed by all our registered professionals in the office. We spend ample time and resources on design and product research to continuously improve our design quality.

quality management system


South African Council for the Architectural Profession
The Cape Institute for Architecture
The South African Institute of Architects
The South African Institute of Architectural Technologists
The South African Institute of Draughtsman
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