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Professional Architectural Services

Roelof Rabe Argitekte offers full or partial services to best suit your individual needs. We provide professional concept design and sketch plans, and are able to manage every aspect of your project. From assisting with a brief, testing the feasibility of it, obtaining council approval, drawing up tender and construction documentation and contract management through to project closure, we do it all.


Sustainable Architectural Design

Sustainable design forms an integral part of the Roelof Rabe Argitekte design philosophy; ensuring long-term benefits for any project. The company is a member of good standing with the Green Building Council of South Africa. We are registered competent professionals according to SANS 10400 XA and SANS 204 are thus skilled to do energy calculations.

Architectural Graphics

Roelof Rabe Argitekte collaborates with you in order to create the architectural graphics required to comprehend and visualise the concept. We specialize in the 3D modelling of your project, and are able to tend to everything: ranging; from preliminary sketches and renderings to floor plans, modifications, displays and signage.

Development Planning

Roelof Rabe Argitekte provides innovative site development plans, master plans and layout plans for projects of all sizes. We work hand-in-hand with you, our client, as well as all other required professional consultants from beginning to end in order to make your vision a reality, whether it be for a residential home or an urban master plan.

Architectural Guidelines

The compilation of development and aesthetic guidelines illustrates significant aspects of the proposed development or structure. Furthermore, they include consideration of local or community ordinance. A clear set of guidelines helps determine best practices in order to complete the project and provides the basis for professional advice and insight into your project.

Interior Design / Space Planning

Roelof Rabe Argitekte provides a creative approach to solving interior design problems and needs. In order to do this we block out interior areas, define movement patterns and develop plans and layouts for furniture and equipment. This is all to maximize the use of space while keeping the aesthetic in line with your brand identity.



We offer a complete furniture design service which includes concept, space planning, detailed drawings and realistic 3D photo renders. We collaborate with leading designers, retailers and furniture manufacturers which allows us to design and procure furniture for specific spaces and which serves specific functions.


Although research forms an integral part of our general methodology for all our projects, some specialist projects require formal research in order for us to provide our clients with a project brief. We take this so seriously that we even travel to institutions abroad to visit precedent projects in order for us to provide our clients with the highest level of advice possible.

Our Workstages


We develop a site plan indicating contours and boundaries from the land survey, building lines and other statutory restrictions. The plan also indicates existing structure and other factors that may impact the design. The client is then provided with a brief including a complete schedule of accommodation with an estimated budget.

Concept and Viability

A computer-generated site plan, complete with elevations, sections and any other drawings needed to best illustrate the basic scope of the project is provided. We then review the project and conclude with an estimated budget. In order to facilitate this process, we may recommend the appointment of a professional quantity surveyor for more detailed budgetary needs.

Design and Development

During this workstage, the client is provided with a computer-drawn site plan indicating sections and elevations. The plan will be complete, containing overall dimensions, floor levels, room names and noted floor finishes. We then consult with local and statutory authorities and take into account any estimate from the quantity surveyor (if appointed) before reviewing and updating the budget.

a) Documentation and Procurement: Local Authority Submission

Documents are prepared and submitted for any necessary statutory approvals.

b) Documentation and Procurement: Construction Drawings and Tender Documentation

This stage includes preparation of documentation for the purposes of tender and tender report.

Contract Administration and Inspections

Site meeting minutes are compiled along with payment certificates, a completion list, a practical completion list and a defects list.

Close Out

We prepare the necessary documentation to effect completion, handover and operation of the project. If required, this will include as-built drawings.


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Board Notice 172 of 2021, Guideline Professional Fees issued in terms of Section 34 (2) of the Architectural Profession Act, 2000 Act 44 of 2000.



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