Our Team

who we are
Roelof Rabe

M.Arch (Prof) (AHK), PrArch,
SAIA, CIFA, Arch Register (NED)

Upon meeting Roelof one is immediately disarmed by his charm and fine sense of humour. And then Roelof starts talking business. His passion and dedication to his work makes him sombre, focussed, unwavering in his objective, his eye on the target: a design that is as eclectic and creative as he is. He looks one in the eye, hears, really hears, what one has to say and then becomes animated. His ideas flow from a heart that is seated in love for aesthetic and practicality, precise yet passionate. His sincere respect for others and their ideas permeate his work, and add to his unsullied love for the work he is about to start on crisp, white paper.

Jozanne Louw

BSc (Arch), B.Arch (Hons), M.Arch (Prof)(UP),

Appreciating Jozanne's design personality is as effortless as her smile. Warm and wholesome, Jozanne is both strong and perceptive. She is a risk-taker - her designs are never inhibited by what should or should not work. In fact, her pragmatic approach ensures results that are both inspired and enduring. She believes in being bold and fearless, finding a solution and making it something worth seeing. Her love for things classic and timeless ensures designs that are beautifully integrated in context and time. She is tirelessly devoted to her art and refuses to settle for anything less than extraordinary.

Lafras Dunn

B.Tech Arch (CPUT), PrSArchT, SAIAT

It is a very rare occurrence to meet someone who exudes calmness as naturally as breathing. When one sits with Lafras, one is able to relax, knowing that your ideas, concepts and dreams are in gentle and safe hands - they will be handled with care. Lafras takes pride in effortless, multi-layered solutions. A lover of clean-cut and beautiful designs, Lafras applies himself to providing his client with thought-provoking creations that speak to them on a personal level. A romantic at heart, he is inspired by art, music and literature, but is driven by intellect and innovation. He sees his profession as something that enables him to honour a client's concepts and thoughts through alternative thinking and the skill to bring those thoughts to life.

Marius Strauss

Architectural Designer
Hcert.AT (INSCAPE), Dip. Interior Design (IDI), SAID, CAD

How lovely is it to know that the influences of home, your childhood, the place of your heart, permeate your being? For Marius Strauss, this is most certainly true. The influences of Calvinia and all its wholesome beauty are clearly represented in his practical, dedicated and methodical approach to his work. Maybe it's the crisp mornings and captivating landscapes that acted as muse to his creativity and infuse his love for modern industrial buildings, but what we know for sure is that Marius is defined by his integrity and enthusiasm, and these are the perfect complements to his artistic soul.

Grant Gush

Professional Senior Architectural Technologist
N.Dip Arch. (CPUT) PrSArchT

There is a humility in Grant that ensures him being liked immediately. He could tell you about his plethora of knowledge and experience, but chooses rather to talk about some DIY, his family or the solutions he takes such pride in sharing. Grant's love for problem solving is a defining aspect which seems to infuse his manner to one of calmness and depth. He stays true to himself and the principals that have been engrained into his work ethic, and this, along with his constantly-evolving view of the now, ensures his detailed and cutting-edge insights to be invaluable. He values quiet, intelligence and imparting of knowledge highly, which makes him the type of man you want to be working with.

Marlette Burger

Professional Architect
BSc Arch, B Arch (Hons), M Arch (Prof)(UP), Pr Arch

The gypsy-hearted Marlette Krige, quite paradoxically, is firmly rooted in simplicity and functionality, flourishes in a climate that is consistent and gentle, but blossoms in kaleidoscopic colour and beauty. Her design strength lies in her dedication to the concept. Rooted in her love for simplistic beauty and the intricate process of presenting it, Marlette relishes in the hands-on creation of models of the lovely spaces she has designed. She sees her creations as art, but is also able to see art in creation. And it is this passion and potential for the process of creation that defines this lover of all things lovely.

Karla Veldsman

Candidate Architect
BSc (Arch), BArch (Hons), M Arch (Prof)(CUMLAUDE) (UP)

Big city lights and urban noise have their appeal, yes. But Karla is interested, intrigued and always drawn to the quiet, unassuming and honest Karoo towns and spaces. A building is never just that to her. It is a story, a time capsule, a series of decisions taken. Why these materials? Where do the materials come from? Why that design? What do the details or lack of them reveal about the buildings’ heritage? Karla doesn’t just drive through towns, she absorbs their architecture and embraces the narrative revealed in the vernacular. When listening to what it is that keeps her inspired, her answer is refreshingly simple: Each building has a story. And like us, each one has been shaped by its environment, its past and future. Stories and stoeps define her design process and style. Every project has a thread, a story which shapes everything else. And in true South African style, Karla sits on the metaphorical stoep of her projects, taking the time to understand what the client and building needs from her. Karla always has room for just one more story (her large family has taught her to make space for anything) and for that we are thankful. Because it takes someone special to honour a space, a place and people through creating and loving architecture for exactly that reason.

Jone Walters


How does one know that one is home? When you know that you belong. Upon entering the premises of Roelof Rabe Architects, Joné ensures exactly that - that you belong. Call it hospitality, call it heart, call it what you will - she ensures that you are undeniably the most important person in the room. Her spirit, enthusiasm, attention to detail and meticulous work ethic define her customer service. Adaptability, humility and kindness define her character. Joné's is the first face one encounters at Roelof Rabe, and to be honest - what an honour. She's hugely capable and has that wonderful ability of making one feel right at home. And that's where one wants to be, isn't it?